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Llama and Alpaca Care

Llama and Alpaca Care Llama and Alpaca Care
Llama and Alpaca Care Llama and Alpaca Care
Llama and Alpaca Care
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Llama and Alpaca Care covers the latest advances in camelid care.
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Llama and Alpaca Care

Llama and Alpaca Care 
covers all major body systems, herd health, physical examination, nutrition, reproduction, surgery, anesthesia, and multisystem diseases of llamas and alpacas. Written by world-renowned camelid specialists and experts in the field, this comprehensive and uniquely global text offers quick access to the most current knowledge in this area. With coverage ranging from basic maintenance such as restraint and handling to more complex topics including anesthesia and surgery, this text provides the full range of knowledge required for the management of llamas and alpacas.
  • Over 500 full-color images provide detailed, highly illustrated coverage of all major body systems, physical examination, nutrition, anesthesia, fluid therapy, multisystem diseases, and surgical disorders.
  • World-renowned camelid experts and specialists in the field each bring a specific area of expertise for a uniquely global text.
  • Comprehensive herd health content includes handling techniques, vaccinations, biosecurity, and protecting the herd from predators.
  • Coverage of anesthesia and analgesia includes the latest information on pharmacokinetics of anesthetic drugs, chemical restraint, injectable and inhalation anesthesia, neuroanesthesia, and pain management.
  • Reproduction section contains information on breeding management, lactation, infertility, and embryo transfer.
  • Nutrition information offers detailed nutritional requirements and discusses feeding management systems and feeding behavior.

Christopher Cebra, VMD, MS, DACVIM
Professor Large Animal Internal Medicine
College of Veterinary Medicine
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon

David E. Anderson, DVM, MS, DACVS
Professor and Head, Large Animal Clinical Sciences
College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, Tennessee

Ahmed Tibary, DMV, DSc, PhD, DACT
Professor, Comparative Theriogenology (Equine, Camelid, 
Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences
College of Veterinary Medicine
Washington State University
Pullman, Washington

Robert J. Van Saun, DVM, MS, PhD, DACT, DACVN
Professor and Extension Veterinarian
Department of Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences
College of Agricultural Sciences
Pennsylvania State University
University Park, Pennsylvania

LaRue W. Johnson, DVM, PhD
Professor Emeritus
College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado

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