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Chipreader LID 573 ISO / MULTI

Chipreader LID 573 ISO / MULTI Chipreader LID 573 ISO / MULTI Chipreader LID 573 ISO / MULTI
Chipreader LID 573 ISO / MULTI Chipreader LID 573 ISO / MULTI Chipreader LID 573 ISO / MULTI
Chipreader LID 573 ISO / MULTI
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Chip reader for reading the electronic chip in your animal.
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The LID573-chip reader is a reader for animal recognition and can communicate with a computer or other external equipment through USB port.
The small robust reader is easy to use and easy to carry. The identification code, in combination with the transponder type, is displayed on the LCD screen.

The LID573 chip reader can be connected to a computer or other external equipment via a USB port. The stored chip codes with date and time can retrieved from the chip reader so they are available for further processing. The connection cable and PC software are included for free.

Simple in use
The LID573-chip reader is characterized in ease of use. You don't need a thick manual. You can start right away because there is only one button! Hold the button down and the chip reader will start to read the identification chips/transponders.

Support for the most common transponders
The LID573-MULTI chip reader reads the common European and American identification chips.

The LID573 is available in 2 versions:
  • LID573-ISO 
    The LID573-ISO reads all common transponder types including trovan ®, ISO, PSK1, FDXB FECAVA, HDX & 2.
  • LID573-MULTI
    The MULTI version reads in addition to the above types also the AVID ENCRYPTED transponder transponders.
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The LID573 is very easy to use. The reader is active by pushing the red button longer than 0.2 seconds.  If the button is pressed shortly the latest transponder number read is shown on the LCD.

The LID573 has a detachable belt clip. The housing is made of ABS plastic. (RAL7000/7016).
If there is a transponder within range of the reader, the code shown on the 2 x 16 character display. The LCD has back-lighting so the code can be read easy.
It uses a standard 9 volt block battery (alkaline). When the battery voltage is below 7 volts the user receives a warning. When no transponder is detected, then the text "no code" appears on the screen.


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