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Chipreader LID 540 Iso FDXB

Chipreader LID 540 Iso FDXB Chipreader LID 540 Iso FDXB Chipreader LID 540 Iso FDXB
Chipreader LID 540 Iso FDXB Chipreader LID 540 Iso FDXB Chipreader LID 540 Iso FDXB
Chipreader LID 540 Iso FDXB
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Chip reader for reading the electronic chip in your animal.
€ 147,50
Every handheld reader has a 2 line LC-Display with 16 characters. The display has a backlight so it can be read in a dark environment. The housing is made of ABS, the pocket readers have a removable pocket clip and work on a standard 9V alkaline battery.
This reader has no communication port and no memory. It is intended for visual verification of the ISO FDX-B chipnumber.

The chipreader is activated by pushing the red button for longer than 2 seconds. When you push less then 2 seconds you will see the last transponder number again.

If the reader is 7 cm or shorter near a chip/transponder the code is shown in the display. You will get a warning if the battery voltage is below 7 volts, ' low battery ' appears on the display (scanning is then for a short time even possible). If no transponder is found the  text 'no code' appears in the screen.

Reads: ISO FDX-B standard transponder
Reading distance: up to 7 cm
Weight: 165 gr.
Size: 24x69x125 mm
Miscellaneous: removable clip and housing is made of strong ABS plastic, incl. battery

Display of the ISO FDX-B code
There are 3 display possibilities for the ISO FDX-B chip code.
DEC format: decimal display of the chip code (example: 528 000001855030), this view is standard CNTRY format: decimal display of the chip code including the country code is displayed (example: NL 000001855030). If the chip code do not have a country code then the chip code will be in the DEC format.
HEX format: Hexadecimal representation of the chip code (example: 6C723800004F0001)

Adjust display ISO FDX-B chip number:
The view of the chipcode can be modified as follows:
1. Press the button of the chiplezer for 2 seconds and then release the button. There appears “NO CODE” on the LCD to indicate that no chipcode read.
2. Press 5x in quick succession on the button, keep the button pressed after the 5th time. First appears 5 points on the LCD, and the bottom line fills with “>” characters. When the bottom line is fully filled, the message “Release button”. By now releasing the button takes you to the selection menu.
3. Now you have 4 seconds for each transponder type to activate it (push the button to add the transponder to the readlist). If you do not push the button within the 4 seconds the transponder type will not be added to the readlist. At the end of the setup the reader will turn off, now the new settings are applied.


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